Breland/Thrane Border War

Tidings of Dark Turns to Come

After spending an uneventful day in Passover, the party awoke to find Marcus with a stranger, Hurk, sitting next to him in the common room of O’Kleen’s Watering Hole. The party sits down with them, and Hurk is introduced to the party as a cleric of The Sovereign Host. After some awkward introductions around (many of the adventurers are either inclined to be inimical to the Host’s adherents or even downright hostile), Marcus is ready to begin the day’s work.

But Marcus has barely begun to discuss the recent escape of the two prisoners when a guard runs into the inn, panting in his haste to bring news to Marcus. Hostile forces had just attacked the storage lot where the convoy’s cargo had been left. The entire group rushes to the scene, and upon entering, the guards seem to have been poisoned. Marcus is attacked by five assassins, but they are quickly dispatched by Marcus and the adventurers. One of them escapes, but the others had been dealt with handily.

One of the attackers was carrying a symbol that would later be identified as belonging to the Queen of Thrane. The party does some research, attempting to find more information regarding her. Little information of note was discovered, and the adventurers head back to the inn.

As they leave, the party is once more ambushed, seemingly at random. 4 Vampire Spawn attack them outside the scribe’s shop. After an intense battle, on of the spawn lays broken in the street, the other 3 vanishing into the mist. The party then continues back to the inn, to confer with Marcus, no real questions answered, although possibly a few more coming to life.



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