Breland/Thrane Border War

A Lot of Talking and Some Player Tension

The party was able to return to O’Kleen’s Watering Hole unmolested after the run in with the vampire spawn, but as they approached the inn, there were two oversized guards standing out front in the vestments of the Sovereign Host. After initially being challenged the group was allowed in as guests of Marcus, who had apparently taken over the inn.

Upon entering the inn, the atmosphere was very different. Gone were the revelers, replaced with dour faced retainers and unknown swords-for-hire. Jim Jones was puzzled by one individual whose nature eluded him, but the man was anything but friendly.

The players sat down with Marcus to discuss what has happened since they parted ways, and Marcus was distracted to say the least. He informed then that he had been attacked by spawn as well, and the vampire herself confronted him. He was able to defeat her, but just barely, and now Marcus is incensed.

Marcus wanted the party to go after her. He would follow her himself, but had been summoned to the front lines of the Brelish forces, so that the construction supplies he was transporting could be used for the war effort. Marcus professed that his orders came from the Prime Minister himself, but the characters had a small, nagging doubt that he wasn’t telling them everything. Furthermore, Marcus was unwilling to comment on a connection between the vampire and the assassins, but he did let on that there was tension between his family and the Queen of Thrane’s family.

The party deliberated, and a deep distrust that had been simmering between the party and the Paladin of the Silver Flame they found themselves with almost exploded. The group decided to stay together, but the tension did not yet diffuse. The party accepting the quest given to them from Marcus (in the amount of 2000gp plus the treasure they claim in defeating the vampire).



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